Sharpeners and Erasers

Sharpeners and Erasers
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Helix White Pencil Eraser. PVC eraser for ideal for use with HB and softer grade pencils. Erases ..
  Non smudge plastic eraser Removes graphite from paper tracing and drafting f..
  Plastic eraser held within a protective pen-shaped barrel Ratchet system to advanc..
  Manual Pencil Sharpener. A desktop must have with a sturdy case and clear plastic shav..
Premuim quality sleeved plastic eraser erases graphite from paper without tearing or smudging. 60..
Q Connect Metal Pencil Sharpener. Wedge shaped, single hole pencil sharpeners suitable for use wi..
Swordfish Pencil Sharpener Canister Double Hole Assorted Colours ..
Swordfish dual power pencil sharpener. Compact electric sharpener features safety cover, strong l..
Single Hole Plastic Pencil Sharpeners for standard 8mm diameter pencils. Features include sharp b..
  Titanium Bonded Blades that are three times harder than Stainless Steel Auto..
Westcott ipoint Razor Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener Blue, White  or Black ..